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Basic Textiles Swatch Kit for Textiles | Edition: 11

Basic Textiles Swatch Kit for Textiles | Edition: 11

Author: Textile Fabric Consultants, Inc.
ISBN: 9780132358699
publisher: Prentice Hall
publisher Date: 02/15/2010
Price: 95.2
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Buffalo State College(SUNY)
Description: The Basic Textiles Swatch Kit contains 126 fabric swatches, heavy weight mounting sheets and a master list of fabrics in a 3 ring binder. Each Basic Textiles Swatch Kit includes a 5x magnification linen tester, tape for mounting the swatches, a pen and Textile Companion Interactive CD-ROM which is both PC and Mac compatible. The Basic Instructor’s materials which include: A comprehensive instructor manual with additional information about each swatch Fiber samples packet (25 fibers) with a burn test chart Instructor's CD that includes: 74 page laboratory manual consisting of exercises related to appearance retention, colorfastness, comfort and care Pictures of mounted swatches and filled out mounting pages Questions about each swatch for tests, quizzes and assignments Two complimentary videos on wool and flocking TFC Swatch Kit – The Kadolph text (or any Pearson Fashion book) can be packaged with a swatch kit from Textile Fabric Consultants. Click here to learn more about the swatch kit.Also, included with the TFC Swatch Kit is a complete instructor’s resource package that TFC sends to all adopters upon request!