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How to Launch a Team Start Right for Success | Edition: 1

How to Launch a Team Start Right for Success | Edition: 1

Author: Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Kim Kanaga, Sonya Prestridge
ISBN: 9781882197712
publisher: Wiley
publisher Date: 03/19/2007
Price: 11.95
eBookPrice: 11.95
Schools: Tufts University
Description: When an organization sponsors a team, it’s usually to address a challenge deemed essential to organizational success. Meeting that challenge might mean implementing new ways of working, entering new markets, or developing a new product. Teams can produce innovative solutions, but leading them toward that goal can be difficult. Getting the team off on the right foot is critical to its success. To launch a team in a way that increases its chance of success, managers and team leaders should pay attention to four critical points: setting purpose and direction, defining roles and responsibilities, designing procedures and practices, and building cooperation and relationships. Understanding and implementing these elements is key to a successful launch and, in the end, essential to a team’s achieving the organization’s goals.