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The MWW Iconik 3 is an inexpensive automatic watch for military fans

Manchester Watch Works aka MWW makes small batch watches that are sometimes homages to historic timepieces and are sometimes entirely new design. This model, the Iconik 3 – the third in the Iconik line – is based on the Blancpain TR-900, a military spec diver’s watch used by navies worldwide in the 1960s. These waterproof workhorses are sought after collectables and the Iconik 3 gives you the opportunity to feel like a French combat diver without having to attach explosives to an enemy submarine in the Aegean

The piece has a Seiko NE15 automatic movement with 24 jewels and a 50 hour power reserve – the same movement used in Seiko’s other divers. It also has a bead-blasted steel case and a “tropical” tan dial with Superluminova markers and hands. Finally, they strap it to a green nylon band with leather backing.

The Iconik 3 is part of a limited 100 run.

Why is this cool? Because at $460 you get a 200-meter diver for not much money and with plenty of history. There are more watches like this out there – I found similar divers out there from between $41 from Invicta to $500 or so for an older Marathon SAR or Orsa – but this one is unique in its styling, its design, and its history. In short it lets you feel like James Bond’s assassin friend Jaques without breaking the bank.


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